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Any text file that contains the reference designators & X-Y location of the parts is ideal. You can check to see if you have a text file by opening the file with Windows Notepad. If you can read it, it’s a text file. We have CAM software specifically designed to import files of almost any text format. A typical text CAD file will look something like this.

Ref Desg. X Y Theta
R1 1025 2500 90
R2 1345 6010 270
C5 3455 1000 180
U12 3000 6750 0
U11 3300 6750 0

Gerber data is not ideal for locating components. However, gerber data can be manually digitized for component location information as a last resort.

Shore Printed Circuits can accept BOMs in almost any file type. The BOM should contain the following fields:

  1. Your part number
  2. Description
  3. Quantity
  4. Reference Designators
  5. Component Package (I.E. SOT-23, SO-8, 0603)
  6. Manufacturer 1
  7. Manufacturer 1 Part Number
  8. Manufacturer 2
  9. Manufacturer 2 Part Number

Fiducials are used as a data origin & skew alignment for automated SMT equipment.

This is a typical Fiducial.



Keep Fiducials in at least .100″ from edge of board.



This is how component Fiducials are typically setup. Having component Fiducials is helpful for placing fine pitch components.


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