PCB Assembly

In the PCB assembly process, knowledge of the circuit board, components, and final design is required in order to deliver a final high quality product. The circuit board must go through various steps and may require different soldering techniques to fix the components onto the circuit board.

For this reason, Shore Printed Circuits, has made the investment in modern electronic assembly equipment and advanced process knowledge, so you can stay focused on your core business. Shore Printed Circuits strives to become an integrated assembly solution for our customers business, operating as an extension of your company without the investment in electronic assembly equipment and process knowledge.

Assembly Services

From prototype to production quantities, we have an extensive range of state of the art factory automation to meet your requirements. We routinely work with the latest SMT devices including ultra-fine pitch, BGA, Micro-BGA as well as conventional SMT and through-hole devices.


Turn-Key Assembly

Don't want to be bothered with purchasing components? Just send us your specifications and we'll source all components required for the job.


Consigned(Kitted) PCB Assembly

Keep full control over manufacturer approved components with our Kitted PCB Assembly option. All required components are supplied by the client and we focus strictly on the assembly process.


Prototype PCB Assembly

With a no minimum requirement, many companies turn to us for help with prototype productions. We'll work together with you to help you achieve a working prototype for your new device.


RoHS Compliant Assembly

Looking for lead-free assembly? Shore PC has you covered with our RoHS Compliant manufacturing facility.
*We also provide leaded assembly


  • Dedicated High Speed & Prototype SMT Lines
  • Automated Through-Hole Machines
  • Automated Selective Solder
  • Wave Solder
  • In house Tape & Reeling
  • Fine Pitch QFP & uBGA Placement
  • Conformal Coating


  • X-Ray
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • BGA Replacement & Rework Service

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